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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    I have to watch the last 10 minutes and the 'opening of the door'. Like I have said...this show HAS potential. Just needs an overhaul. I want to know why SPOILER he stabbed her, but will probbaly never get to find out. The one thing that rankled me was the Mustang vs Mustang chase scene w/Hugo following in...wait for it...a mustang. And the commercial break where they tell you to go to or something to watch the full chase/car porn scene. I understand product placement...but a whore is a whore.

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    Toby Whithouse opens a vein to reboot Being Human, gets a 5th season | Blastr

    Hurm...was a huge fan of the BBC version of Being Human. Truly enjoyed the first 2 seasons(NETFLIX AVAILABLE). Heard that they lost a major character in 3 and another in 4. Now I have to watch. By the way...Maester Luwin(Game of Thrones) has a great arc on this show. I highly recommend the first 2 seasons...can't vouch for the rest.

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    Mr. Beaks Hangs Out In HOLLISTON With Adam Green And Joe Lynch!
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    Premiered Sunday it got lost in the DVR shuffle. On Fearnet and repeating tonight. Seems like a horror infused Wayne's World w/lots of gore and guest appearances, so check it out!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Naysay View Post
    Anybody watching Smash? It's ****ing horrible but I can't stop watching...
    they made me believe republicans really love gays at heart....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil:2394871
    oh man...why you gotta bring me down? Terriers...sigh...
    I used to live in Ocean Beach AND my friend worked on that show, tell me about it!

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    I love FX and I understand why...but for christ's sake!!!!!! Can I have my complete series DVD already so I can stare wistfully at the tv and sigh at regular intervals?????

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    Betty White's old people prank young people show started off with potential, but heavily trailed off.

    thumbs in the middle

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    Which one are you face palming. I hope its not New Girl.
    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter



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