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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    SO glad I don't have Dish right now.

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    Fox Renews TOUCH, Cancels ALCATRAZ and THE FINDER, Picks Up 5 New Series

    Well. Buh Bye Alcatraz. Touch got the re-up solely because of Kiefer. That show has marginal ratings at best.

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    COUGAR TOWN To Leap From ABC To TBS!!
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    This show refuses to go away. Anyone care?

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    So did ABC's Once Upon a Time snag a fairy-tale season 2 renewal? | Blastr

    Well, might have to catch up on this one. Is it just me or is the chick on it(the one from House) a little mannish?

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    That sucks. Awake was such a good show.
    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter

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    CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP...I hate all of you who didn't watch this. DAMN it!!!!!! This one hurts...not Terriers bad, more like Lights Out bad.

    EDIT:I watched last weeks episode last night with a lot of sadness. I have decided that I will no longer watch the 'big 3' network shows until at least season 2. I disagree w/Doc that this story has nowhere to go. I think it's a terrific show with all kinds of potential, great acting and, as I have gone on about, some true moments of sincere emotion. I am very bitter about losing this one. Fx needs to snap this writer up. His other show, Lone Star, was given one episode by fox and that had tremendous upside too. My sister is the biggest barometer of why this show failed...'oooooh I don't get it, it's all back and forth'. I love my sister, but she has **** taste in entertainment. And she probably represents the majority. From what I have read the finale' should provide some closure...but not total. I hate you America.

    Oh, AND WHITNEY WAS RENEWED!!!!!!!!!! ****ADOODLE!!!!!!
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