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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    Vince Vaughn is in serious danger of destroying what little goodwill he has left amongst people who love Swingers and Wedding Crashers. I loved Wedding Crashers when it came out, but I bet if I watched it again today it wouldn't be half as funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgy-san View Post
    Vince Vaughn is in serious danger of destroying what little goodwill he has left amongst people who love Swingers and Wedding Crashers. I loved Wedding Crashers when it came out, but I bet if I watched it again today it wouldn't be half as funny.
    If you read the direction they want to take it in, it gets even worse...Bobby Brady all grownsed up, with divorce problems and trying to cram modern dilemmas into the 'nuclear family' of the old show. Just sounds actually really depressing. What's next, Eight is Enough:The Suicide Years? Vince Vaughn strikes me as about the laziest guy in Hollywood. And I like the guy.

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    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

    Bullet in the Face (TV) | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central

    Considering the summer season for television mainly offers re-runs, dime a dozen police procedural series and reality shows as far as Ryan Seacrest’s greedy eye can see, it comes as a welcome surprise to see a show come along that is neither formulaic or mundane and IFC’s newest original scripted series "Bullet in the Face" proudly exhibits both of these qualities as it is probably the most bizarre and violent sitcom ever to be aired on television.

    Wearing its cold, bloody heart on its sleeve, "Bullet in the Face" takes place in the fictional city of Bruteville, a crime-ridden metropolis (which is best described as an amalgamation of Gotham City and Basin City) run by the mercilious agoraphobic crime lord, Tannhauser (Eddie Izzard) and senseless rival crime lord, Racken. (Eric Roberts)

    The gory dark comedy quite literally starts off with a bang as viewers are introduced to the quirky yet sadistic German criminal, Gunter Vogler (Max Williams) who is immediately betrayed and shot in the face by his pregnant, albeit deadly femme fatale girlfriend Martine (Kate Kelton) at a botched jewel heist.

    After awakening in the hospital, Gunter is horrified to learn that his face has been replaced with the face of an honorable cop’s he killed moments before being shot. He is then forced to work undercover while working under the frisky Commissioner Braden (Jessica Steen) and with grief-stricken and accident-prone partner Lieutenant Hagerman (Neil Napier) in order to get his face and his revenge on the his girlfriend and his former boss who deceived him. Hilarity, stabbings and the greatest torture device involving popcorn kernels and a blow-dryer ensue.

    Like other innovative and genre-bending shows, "Bullet in the Face" faces the challenge of being too unusual and off-kilter for conventional audiences; however series creator Alan Spencer and director Erik Canuel deliver a twisted and funny show with solid visual flair, macabre joviality and scabrous humor that will manage to please those seeking something different on television.

    Despite the fact that the show has a cheesy as hell opening credit sequence, ridiculous European accents and is obviously very low-budget, it stands out with memorable moments that include Gunter killing innocent bystanders on a basketball court for absolutely no reason, a sobbing Hagerman getting a lapdance, an epic chick fight involving a pregnant woman and a post-op transgendered woman and an unintentional game of hot potato with a decapitated head that will surely get laughs.

    Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts may steal every scene they are in with their humorous portrayals as the rival crime lords, yet it is Max Williams who is truly the star of the show with his twisted portrayal as the anti-hero, Gunter Vogler. The rest of the cast also manages to shine in their roles, providing many laughs to the absurdity.

    What "Bullet in the Face" lacks in depth, it makes up for in violence and there is enough perversion and outright craziness to placate to viewers looking for more than the average sitcom fare.

    Make sure to catch "Bullet in the Face" when it premieres on IFC on Aug 16 and Aug 17 at 10/9c

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    Anyone catch the framed Quick jersey in Matthew Perry's new show "Go On" last night?

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    Considering how much NBC is pushing their latest soon to be flop "Revolution", I see they spend all their money on the Olympics and Sunday Night Football. It will last 6 weeks tops.

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    Go behind the scenes of Grimm with the Big Bad Wolf for S2 secrets | Blastr

    I am sticking with this show despite it's repetitve formula simply because of Monroe. Good thing is that it sounds like they are gonna open it up a little bit more and get out of the latherrinserepeat cycle.

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    TV in Development Bits: ‘Freakonomics’, ‘The Beach’, ‘Luther’, ‘Idiocracy’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, Keri Russell, Warren Ellis | /Film

    Kelsey Grammer produces a Freakonomics-inspired drama for NBC
    Warren Ellis‘ crime novel Gun Machine is being adapted for TV by Fox
    Fox is developing a television adaptation of Danny Boyle‘s The Beach
    The CW is prepping its own contemporary take on Sleepy Hollow
    FX picks up The Americans, a Cold War drama starring Keri Russell
    Luther creator Neil Cross and the BBC consider an Alice-centric spinoff
    Terry Crews‘ Camacho could feature in a web-based Idiocracy spinoff

    Warren Ellis, the acclaimed comic book writer of Transmetropolitan and Red, is about to come to a small screen near you. Or more accurately, his upcoming novel Gun Machine is.

    Fox is developing a dramatic thriller based on the book, about a New York detective who comes across a mysterious stash of weapons that trace back to apparently unrelated murders. Dario Scardapane (Trauma) is on board to write the adaptation. It’ll be some time yet before the show hits the airwaves, if it even makes it that far, but you can learn more about the story when Ellis’ novel hits shelves in January.

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    Pretty excited for Revolution. The premise of the story isn't too bad... we'll see how they execute it.

    I liked Go On. I didn't know what to expect, but it was better than what I originally assumed anyway.

    The only NBC show that they've been advertising that I don't care for is Animal Practice.
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