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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCool View Post
    Pretty excited for Revolution. The premise of the story isn't too bad... we'll see how they execute it.

    I liked Go On. I didn't know what to expect, but it was better than what I originally assumed anyway.

    The only NBC show that they've been advertising that I don't care for is Animal Practice.
    C'mon...Tyler Labine is gonna get 'showkiller' attached to his name if that doesn't work out. F you WB I want more Reaper!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CardiacKid56 View Post
    Anyone catch the framed Quick jersey in Matthew Perry's new show "Go On" last night?
    I warched this crappy show just because of this post. I want my time back.

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    Matthew Perry is as funny as a rusty post, lol, I would rather watch some stupid Jennifer Aniston movie over his crap shows.

    And to add to this Lizzy Caplan is actually dating him, honestly? :

    Like you couldn't do better, Lizzy?

    And people wonder why I am an atheist. Haha!

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    Revolution is the only new NBC show I remotely have an interest in, and it will probably end up being hokey and cancelled after 10 episodes. I am a sucker for large sharp objects, even if the power going out really shouldn't affect firearms.

    The three comedies NBC advertises nonstop during the Olympics look horrible. Hopefully they will all be cancelled quickly enough that Community actually gets a full season. Six seasons and a movie!

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    First Trailer For The Transporter TV Series | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    Cannot imagine this is going to be any better than STRIKE BACK...which, isn't very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    First Trailer For The Transporter TV Series | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    Cannot imagine this is going to be any better than STRIKE BACK...which, isn't very good.
    As this is on Cinemax and they won’t have the budget and time to pull off some the same calibre of car action, I reckon the plan will be to make up the adrenalin shortfall with nudity and softcore bouncing about.
    pretty much

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    NBC Plans Super Villain Themed Drama | CraveOnline

    After the demise of "Heroes," NBC made another stab at the comic book superhero genre with "The Cape;" which ran for a single season last year. For its next attempt, NBC is jumping to the wrong side of the law.

    Deadline is reporting that Universal TV and Film 44 have signed a deal to develop "Hench" for NBC. The premise for "Hench" centers upon an ordinary man who supports his family by doing temp jobs for various super villains. And if it's following the classic comic book traditions, that means heists, bank robberies and villainy on a grand scale. Of course, that also implies that superheroes will be around as well.

    "Hench" was created by playwright and screenwriter, Alexandra Cunningham; who most recently wrote and produced the U.S. incarnation of "Prime Suspect" for NBC. Cunningham has also written for HBO's "Rome," "Fastlane," "NYPD Blue" and "Pasadena." She also has the distinction of having penned more episodes of "Desperate Housewives" than any other writer except series creator, Marc Cherry.

    Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey will executive produce "Hench" alongside Cunningham. The potential "Hench" TV series is expected to be in contention for the Fall 2013 season.
    brilliant idea...would be good on AMC or FX. NBC will botch it by making him a good guy even though he is working for villains.

    For what it's worth GRIMM back tonight kiddies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    not a bad first episode. I couldn't decide if there was a feeling his mother was two-timing just to get the coins, or really wants to protect him. Storyline seems to be getting a bit complex with "the family" and power struggles everywhere. Hope it is reigned in and doesn't become "lost"-like.

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    Did anyone watch Copper? I thought it was okay. It doesnt seem to have the budget of some other shows on cable. There were a few scenes where you could tell they were on a set.
    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter



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