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Thread: Superman v Batman/DC movies

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    Anyone made a giant spider joke yet?

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    ‘Superman’ iOS Is The First Man Of Steel Game That Isn’t Awful

    The iOS "Superman," which bears an all-caps description on iTunes dubbing it "THE OFFICIAL SUPERMAN GAME," sort of came out of nowhere. The game was mentioned quietly about a month ago, and frankly, when I see the name Superman next to a videogame, I'm inclined to mash down my teeth much like a captured agent with a secret cyanide pill.

    Fortunately, this short mobile game really isn't half bad. The basic premise has Superman facing off against Lex Luthor, since someone in Metropolis thought it would be a great idea to let a bald psychopath launch a weather-controlling satellite into orbit above the city. As you may have guessed, Luthor is actually going to be a jerk, sending mechanical spiders, falling space debris, and a whole assortment of other chaotic items into the helpless city.

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    MAN OF STEEL Trailer Starring Henry Cavill | Collider

    I like the look, even though it could be a Red Lobster/Levis ad...

    Really cannot believe it's a year off though. Seems like way too much time. I think they finished filming this months ago. Got to look into it, anyone remember offhand if this is being post-converted to 3d?
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