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Brock just couldn't stay away. I suppose it was inevitable with the move to Fox.
Oh for sure. I think we all knew it was going to happen. They need as many casual viewers as possible on Fox. Even if it means a part time WWE champion *sigh*. At least they made Kofi look strong... and he even surpassed Jinder Mahal in having a longer WWE Title reign. It's just too bad he didn't really have any meaningful feuds during this whole title reign. I think his best feud was with Daniel Bryan and that was way back in Wrestlemania.

What the hell is up with Otis's new ring gear? Just trunks but it made him look especially fat. I guess that's the idea? The fans love him though so that's always a plus. And I also like that the fans are cheering for Chad Gable too.

It's just a shame that guys like Aleister Black and Andrade are still doing NOTHING.