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Thread: D0nuts!!1!

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    Default D0nuts!!1!

    I just need to know one thing, because I’ve gotten into some pretty heated arguments with friends of mine. What kind of donut are you partial to?


    We’ve argued about the donut’s ability to stand up to the rigors of being dunked into coffee. We’ve had discussions about whether or not a cinnamon roll at the donut shop is a donut. We’ve even talked about the merits of adding bacon to a maple bar. Does it really make it taste better? Are you enjoying the donut because of what the donut brings, or is it the bacon? Does meat even belong on a donut? And if you add meat to a donut is it still a donut? Jelly filled flavors… Boston Cream Pie (that custard if effing gross)… And WTF do those little sprinkles add to the donut?! I claim that they add nothing, and he seems to think they are the cat’s meow.

    He likes those ones that look like a loaf and a little alien is about to pop out of the thing. Needless to say he’s a cake donut guy. I think that this particular donut is merely an edible doorstop, and I use the word edible loosely.

    So, what are your thoughts?
    Cake, raised or something else

    Also, where is your favorite place to get donuts?
    I might need to do a little recon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daxx1313 View Post
    What kind of donut are you partial to?
    The kind that's within reach.

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    Peterson's Donuts.

    Peterson's Donut Corner - Escondido - Escondido, CA

    There are no better donuts anywhere on the planet.
    And thats how you get ants!

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    Anything but Krispy Kreme!

    I'm partial to maple bars.
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    Glazed, Chocolate glazed, most any others with Chocolate.

    And good old plain cake. Very nice with coffee.

    U.S. Donuts on Venice Blvd near National Blvd.

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    Donut Man is still one of the best:

    915 E Rt 66
    Glendora, CA 91740

    Their fresh strawberry is pretty incredible.

    Voodoo Donuts is a bit of a trip, but if you're in Portland, it really is worth the visit.

    Fresh baked buttermilk bars can't be beat, although Bacon-Maple is fine with me.
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    VooDoo FTMFW

    The Memphis Mafia and Ol Dirty Bastard are my favorites. Especially at 3am.
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    Actually been looking for a good one in my new neighborhood(Hollywood/WeHo) area. Any recommends? As far as faves, the bear claw types trending towards danish are the best. Or even those dry ass buttermilk bar types. The traditional cake ones...not so much. Gotsta try Voodoo one of these days. They ship don't they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noble Savage View Post
    VooDoo FTMFW

    The Memphis Mafia and Ol Dirty Bastard are my favorites. Especially at 3am.
    OMG...that Memphis Mafia is dirty sexy.

    Damn...they don't ship. Donut tease!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creeping Death View Post
    Peterson's Donuts.

    Peterson's Donut Corner - Escondido - Escondido, CA

    There are no better donuts anywhere on the planet.
    Came in to post this place but beat me to it. When I worked in Escondido, I went here occasionally. This is the best donut place. Every donut tastes homemade which is how it should be.

    I've yet to find any great donut places here in Vegas although I like Ronald's Donuts.

    As for the type, I love a simple glazed with chocolate frosting. Usually the chocolate taste and consistency tells me if everything at the place is going to suck or not.
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