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Thread: All things: GAME OF THRONES

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    You have something on your... lemme just get that for you.

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    Wasn't it funny that the warning beforehand was minus the N for Nudity. "That's not got much nudity...but I don't want any nudity..."

    And yeah, first season wasn't so great for horses, they have moved on to babies this season. Kingsqueen asked while we were watching, "is it bad that you (read the books so you) know what happens?" And I honestly told her no...I actually anticipate things more wanting to see how they pull them off. The worst part is watching w/someone who hasn't read the books and not spoiling everything. I am getting used to the otherwordly feel of the direwolves which is a direct result of their handcuffed cgi budget. It's a nice side effect. How is everyone else feeling about that?

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    Dug last nights episode. I usually do not care AT ALL for storytelling based in medieval fantasy worlds. But this show does a really good job of blending so many characters and story lines, that all the other stuff (violence, bewbies, the guest spot by Jizzy McGuire last night) aren't overblown to the point of the show being all visual and no story telling. Plus the lines by some of the characters are pretty damn awesome. Dug the pep talk to the hooker by the guy who played Tommy Carcetti in The Wire.

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    Yeah the "pep talk" scene was tremendous, the threats contained within were dark as hell. And we got to see what looked like a White Walker in the end scene, hopefully Jon Snow gets a chance to shine next episode, I really like that character. Arya and the other bastard son had some pretty good scenes too. They play off each other well.

    As far as the Dire Wolves go, I don't mind the look. Bad CGI can put me off but so far I'm all in.

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    GAME OF THRONES Renewed for Season 3

    Hmmm...the only surprises here are that there is no mention of rushing back into production or filming seasons 3 and 4 back-to-back(both of which I distinctly remember being mentioned). Kingsqueen scoffed a little bit when i said that HBO had already pretty much said they intend to carry out the whole magilla. Not with these numbers. Look, they already have the #1 boxset and the ratings are through the roof...even with a little dropoff it is still one of the most popular(and more importantly) critically beloved shows in the history of the network. I cannot see anything other than a dropoff in quality(budget wise) shaking off that many viewers because I know the story is there. As long as nobody(Jon Snow/Tyrion) get ridiculous with their contract demands, all should be well for a good long run.

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    I don't know who the casting director for all the nekkid chicks is, but bravo sir and or madam! My favorite so far is the red headed whore, lovely boobies.

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    Somewhat uneventful episode, feels like the whole season has been just about building so far but not much coming from it yet. Felt like that at one point in season one but it really took off after that, so I'm hoping for something similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
    Somewhat uneventful episode, feels like the whole season has been just about building so far but not much coming from it yet. Felt like that at one point in season one but it really took off after that, so I'm hoping for something similar.
    in my opinion the second book is the slowest of the bunch. A WHOLE lot of chess pieces being put into play. You have to be patient. I am pretty sure next episode there will be at least one major 'jump-off'. I had a problem w/ them spending so much time(that the book only hinted at) with Renly/Loras. Not because of the subject matter, simply because they don't have time to ADD story. There is too much other stuff to cover. I guess they figured that they had to spell out that I said, it's pretty sketchy in the book. Be's a looooooong story and this season is very much about 'the game'.

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    just to add to that last post...I am a little concerned about the tv show overly explaining things that the book only hinted at. The Renly/Loras thing...ok, it kinda needed a little fleshing out. But a big thing in the books is characters either disappearing into a 'well I guess they died' like Syrio from season one or off page, meaning you hear about it in a conversation that someone has usually after a raven comes.


    Yoren(another example of terrific casting in even the smaller parts) is an example of the former. His fate was not really revealed in the books. I don't need everything underlined for me. I realize that the masses are another thing entirely, but they are venturing into overexplaining at this point. Just a minor complaint, but still.



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