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Thread: All things: GAME OF THRONES

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdguy1 View Post
    The facial expressions of Tyrion promising he will not hurt Sansa were perfect. Also when he slammed the knife down and "threatened" joffrey.

    I'm did Sam kill the white walker? Was there something special about that knife?
    They dug them up in an episode in season 2, around the time Jon Snow left with Half-hand and ended up with Ygritte. Thousands of years old, or whatever they said. It was almost too obvious that they'd come in handy against the white walkers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Naysay View Post
    I now like The Hound more than Theon.

    **** Theon.
    You NOW like? Now? It took you that long? C'mon.

    BTW, everyone should make certain not to miss the next episode (if that is even possible).


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    So this happened.

    Joffrey Bieber

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmytheKing View Post
    So this happened.

    Joffrey Bieber
    what the **** happened to this world?????

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    Just... just listen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdguy1 View Post
    I'm did Sam kill the white walker? Was there something special about that knife?
    They introduced it in Season 2 at the fist. Sam and a couple of other guys found a bunch of daggers and arrowheads. They were all made of obsidian, or what they call "dragonglass."

    But yeah, I yelled at the TV, too: "Pick up the knife!!!"

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    Well, Danaerys was shown just last week. Shae hasn't flashed anything this season, but mainly because the storyline isn't asking for it. And Ros....she was unexpectedly offed this season. Sooo.... Any guesses?

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    I thought Dany stopped being naked after the first season (until last Sunday), but I can't think of anyone else it could be. The general assumption was that she decided she was too good to get naked. It was almost like the makers of the show were playing off her lack of nakedness by having her in the tub and then you suddenly notice that half her nipples are above the water...

    And now I am going to move on before this post gets too pervy, because the last thing we need on LGK is a pervy post.

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    It's pretty much been conceded that it's Dany in most of the things I read. Shut up and take yer clothes off, it's nothing we haven't seen already. She wants to be known for her acting...well how about you tighten up that accent that threatens to get away from you every now and again. Tyrion is another one who needs to address his accent too. You can easily tell the British actors from the non.



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