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Thread: All things: GAME OF THRONES

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    Just for fun, some amusing Game of Thrones/Dukes of Hazzard related tweets I saw recently. . .

    from @****tingtonUK
    "And *I* have a message for YOU, Rosco! None from the House of Hazzard shall EVER yield to The Hogg!"—Games of Hazzard
    "The Hogg seeks two brothers: one dark, one fair! Turn them over and your precious Cooter might live to drink again!" —Games of Hazzard
    "Calm yourself, Bo. Our sister Daisy is not without her charms. Uncle Jesse shall walk free before the sun sets." —Games of Hazzard
    "We shall make our way the only way we know how, though it might be a bit more than the… law… would allow." —Games of Hazzard

    "I saw an orange chariot with a racist standard escape the bounds of gravity & flummox the city guard." —Games of Hazzard

    "We shall un-bend the curves. The hills? We shall FLATTEN them!" -- Games of Hazzard
    "The doors of their chariot opened not. Like goblins did they enter through its windows." --Games of Hazzard

    It is foretold that they may yet fall before the Mountain, though they shall never bend to the Law -- Games of Hazzard

    "Ser, please look upon the Lady Daisy of Duke. Her hindquarters show themselves well." - Games of Hazzard

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    Good episode last night...

    SPOILERS(tv show to this point only)

    Well, thanks for playing Renly. Was kind of sad to see him go. Charming in his own way. Well a block of wood is charming compared to 'four FEWER' Stannis. I have full faith in the casting of this show and even when it feels off(Xaro, Jarghen) they prove me wrong. I had expected Quorin Halfhand to be a more bearlike presence, but that's just my projections from the books. The backlash has begun though. Like anything wildly successful someone has to take a stab. I don't have the link but the Washington Post had a 'looking for trouble' article about how the show had excessive and exploitative nudity. Crapspackle. Just a complaint for complaints sake. I know it may seem a little more 'treading water' than the first season, but you need to get used to that. The first season was flashy in that a LOT of stuff came to fruition quickly. The books and now the show plant seeds that at times are going to take a LONG time to grow. For some of the characters especially 'the night is dark and full of terrors' indeed. Oh and the Warlock in the garden...Pyat Pree, man did they cast that right. Yipes.

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    I saw Tonks naked.

    Ygritte and Jaqen H'ghar seem interesting.
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    This is such a season of building, I really hope everyone sticks in there. It will be worth it.
    I really like the casting with Ygritte, she is just about exactly how I pictured. It is also interesting with The Hound, his character is much better on screen than in the books for me.

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    Joffrey needs to get slapped more often.

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    Good episode, getting interesting on all fronts now... Tywin and Arya are great, Joffrey seems to be losing control a bit, Theon Greyjoy is an ass, Ygritte is intriguing and even the dragons are getting involved, albeit indirectly. Man, episode 6 already? Only four episodes left of the season :( Gotta make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

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    No sympathy for Theon? I must be a sucker for a flawed character. Basically sold into servitude(luckily taken in by a benevolent family), yet trying so hard to be part of a family that abandoned him that he is willing to do anything(r.i.p. Ser Rodrik).
    I echo Noble Savage. Already have some folks grumbling and thrown off by this season...DON'T QUIT. Things are truly setting up. Jon's story gets real interesting from here on out. I have been reading these books nonstop since last season(no spoilers please) but Noble and others who have read, are they going off the page a little bit? My memory can't be that faulty. specifics book readers. Answer in the GOT books thread if you want to go into detail.

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    Am I the only one who thinks that Rose Leslie playing Ygritte is insanely hawt?

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    Is anyone else as confused with all the different names of the characters? I have a tendency to forget character names anyway, and when they're weird, it's just hopeless. I can more or less keep the Hatfields and the McCoys, er, Starks and Lannisters straight, but after that, things get really dicey.



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