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Thread: spoilers:Game of Thrones:The BOOKS...SPOILERS!!!!!!

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    Default spoilers:Game of Thrones:The BOOKS...SPOILERS!!!!!!


    Ok, so a seperate page for those of us either finished or deep into the books. It goes without saying that if you only watch the show THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

    SPOILERS so if you read this thread SPOILERS you will have things SPOILED for you. Consider yourselves warned.

    Ok, so with that out of the way, I am just now starting Dance of...I am still not sure how Beric got his powers Not that I want it SPOILED but does this get explained? It's the one part of the stories that I am having the hardest part suspending disbelief with. And Lady, what suffering. It seems so hideously unfair. Cat of the Canals too. that poor kid. Well, on the plus side Cersei finally outthunk herself.

    So have at it guys, the night is dark and full of terrors so let's shine a little light on some of em.

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    Aria is one of my favorite characters. I just wish there was more progress with her storyline. As for Cersei watching her fall is the best part of later books.
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    I have to really mirrors life more than most fantasy. The 'good' family(Starks) just get decimated overall. I mean almost obliterated. While the Lannisters(boo Hiss) somewhat eventually get some form of comeuppance but so far not half of what they deserve. This ain't no fairytale.

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    Wow, reading Dance of...and it seems to be an all out race to Daenerys. This should get interesting.

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    Still not developing the Daenerys storyline quick enough for me. I mean how ****ing dense is she and her crusades in the slaver cities? BIG YAWN. It only took her one book to figure out her brother was crap, why is it taking her so long to learn that she is not meant to be in this portion of the world?

    If you are waiting for an explanation of the Storm Lord or Stoneheart (Cat) you will waiting longer than the end of Dance. . .
    Speaking of which, in the middle of dance with Dragons Lord Beric kinda disappears from the story. Disappointing, I find his unkillable-undead-shambling along for justice character to be fun.

    I figure it is just killing time and letting the little monsters turn into big monsters.
    I was going to harsh Bob on his spelling of Arya, but I deleted the worst of it. We are all friends in Westeros.

    Any of you read the Hedge Knight graphic novel with Ser Dunc and Egg?
    Highly recommended, GRRM also scatters a story or two from them around some anthologies.
    They are set around 80-100 years before the current books and a way more light-hearted.

    I have more to say, but I'll wait for JD to finish Dance. . .

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    Do you think they changed Asha Greyjoys name(on the show) to avoid confusion with Arya?

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    I do think that the next book has the potential to be my favorite one. As it stands A Storm of Swords is that book.
    I liked Dance and Feast (I kinda hate that I am using those terms to name the books BTW) but felt like they were 20% flotsam.
    You will most likely see the potential I speak of towards the end of a Dance with Dragons, as far as the Targaryen bloodline.

    Also, just for fun. . . How do you picture Arya's future life.

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    I am really enjoying Dance so far. I never really pegged that Daenerys would be the pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow that it seems she suddenly is. It's frightening to think of Tyrion being the brains behind that raw power. Jons dire wolves dream at the beginning-ish of the book hints that there is going to be a bigger role for them as well and that makes me happy. 'Arry, about a full life...already at 13. With the story really settling in some of the more foreign locations it certainly feels like the scope of the whole thing has changed as well. The highest praise I can give these books is that I simply have NO idea what is coming...and I like it. Martin best get to writing...I need a new book!

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    Kill the boy...

    Attaboy Jon Snow. Take that Janos Slynt!

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    We should probably consider leading a post with the book it references for those who are in earlier books.

    It'd make it easier for someone reading book 3, for example, to avoid people talking about stuff in book 5.

    Kinda like this:

    Book 5 - Dance with Dragons

    Kill the boy...

    Attaboy Jon Snow. Take that Janos Slynt!



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