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Thread: The Avengers/Marvel movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    I ****ing love you jd.

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    Hugo Weaving Not Interested In Returning As The Red Skull In Future Marvel Movies | Geeks of Doom

    I think Weaving is a great actor. But he has taken a paycheck in other lesser movies. I would have to think he is reluctant to go under the makeup again. Understandable. It sounds like this is his declaration to Marvel that if you want me to endure that again I am going to need some better money.

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    Whedon responds to TDKR cinematographer's Avengers bashing | Blastr

    The Academy Award-winning cinematographer behind The Dark Knight Rises recently took some shots at Joss Whedon's blockbuster The Avengers, and now Whedon himself has responded to the hate.

    Wally Pfister, the cinematographer behind films like The Dark Knight Rises and Atonement, recently called The Avengers an "appalling film," filled with "illogical forms[s] of storytelling" that drove him "bonkers."

    Entertainment Weekly tracked down Whedon to ask his thoughts on Pfister's public-bashing, and he gave a very polite response (which sadly lacked his usual Whedon-esque snark, but hey, he's trying to be classy).

    He simply replied:

    "I'm sorry to hear it, I'm a fan."
    We're sorry to hear it too, Joss, but you should be able to sleep easy knowing virtually everyone else loved the film, and most can't wait for the sequel in 2015.

    What do you think? Did the cinematography in Avengers drive you "bonkers"?

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    I love Ben Kingsley, but he doesn't look Chinese at all.

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    looks kinda mongol...

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    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter

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    Frank Grillo Testing for Villain Role in CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 | Collider

    Very good in the GREY.

    EDIT:Rumor is that it's Crossbones.
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