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Thread: Random Picture Thread V

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBJ View Post
    (I had to)
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    LGK is the only place for real die-hard fans. If you're not here, you're not a die-hard. That's how I see it!

    Rink Dawg

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    Bill Pinnel and Morris Talifson with one hell of a bear in Alaska.

    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Bullets are cheap. Life is priceless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBJ View Post
    We're all reposting each other's ****. :(

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    We're all reposting each other's ****. :(

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    Hubble's 20th anniversary image shows a mountain of dust and gas rising in the Carina Nebula. The top of a three-light-year tall pillar of cool hydrogen is being worn away by the radiation of nearby stars, while stars within the pillar unleash jets of gas that stream from the peaks.

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