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Thread: All things: HALLOWEEN

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    Cannot wait!

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    Word is that Knotts is having an event this year called "Trapped", where they will have an appointment time only, no one under 18 maze where you have to sign a waiver to enter. It's a separate entry fee of something like a flat $60.00 per group, from 1 to 6 people, where only one group is allowed in the entire maze at a time - if you go solo, you get the place to yourself. It's supposed to be up to a 30 minute walk through duration. Fully interactive, foul language, groping, that sort of stuff

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    Yes Mondo...that is indeed the case. I almost feel as a longtime Knott's-er it is almost a must do. I am worried by the waiver. I am horribly claustrophobic and I can see them having some sort of constriction/crawl through pipe. Cannot wait to read the reviews and if it sounds like something doable, Kingsqueen/Robzilla...I toss down the gauntlet.

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    Horror Nights is my favorite event of the year. I start squirming for it starting at around November 1st. I've never done Knott's though and Trapped sounds pretty damn awesome. We did the Queen Mary last year and although fun, I still prefer Horror Nights.

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    Looks like Knotts finally realizes that you cannot keep doing the same damned thing year after year and NOT lose business.

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    Dark Imagery and Horror to Be Included in Dirty Lights Photo Exhibition in Hollywood | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central

    From the Press Release
    The Dirty Lights Collective, Filter Magazine, Dilettante, Photoculture Audiophile Music and Swing House Studios are proud to present the group photography exhibition Dirty Lights. Merging a street and documentary theme with rock 'n roll, music photographer and director Piper Ferguson and writer/director-photographer Paul Solet united with fellow multi-hyphenates Jason Alvino and William Rot to form the Dirty Lights Collective. Live band announcements are forthcoming. Following the opening night reception, Dirty Lights will be viewable by appointment or online by virtual gallery.

    The Dirty Lights exhibit features 13 incredibly diverse LA artists including veteran photographers Piper Ferguson, Michael Tighe, Joseph Llanes and sought-after upstarts like Eliot Lee Hazel, Tamar Levine, David Uzzardi, William Rot, Jason Alvino and Emma Elizabeth Garr, alongside the photography of artists throughout the entertainment industry, from guitarist Neal Casal (Ryan Adams and Chris Robinson Brotherhood), to actor-comedian Andy Dick ("The Andy Dick Show") to Sundance film writer-director Paul Solet (Grace), to Oscar-nominated cinematographer Matthew Libatique (Black Swan). The Dirty Lights Collective has assembled compelling film directors, cinematographers, musicians, comedians, writers, and photographers. "We all work in films, commercials, or as professional photographers, so the power of the image is something that unites us all," said Paul Solet of his co-curators. "We’re always turning each other on to our favorite work by our friends around town," adds Piper Ferguson. "We thought it would be exciting to put together an event with people that we admire, both as friends and artists."

    A portion of the proceeds will benefit Pablove Shutterbugs, a program of the Pablove Foundation that teaches children living with cancer to develop their own creative voice through the art of photography.
    too early for October...but might as well get in the mood. It's for a good cause too!

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    Default's a kids movie. Still, Halloween-centric.

    Oh, and it has a giant metal chicken dry-humping a station there's that.
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