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Thread: *Keurig* Help Phossy out

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    Thanks.. So, what Model do you have? I am thinking of picking up the B70 from Costco, good price and comes with 60 K-Cups.

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    I don't drink coffee, but my wife does, and he has been using the Keurig for over 2 years. She used to love and a use grind and brew setup, but it broke and she picked up a single serve Keurig, she loved the ease of the K cup, but she didn't like that she could only make 1 size. I believe it was 6 or 8 ounces, and she couldn't put anything bigger than a standard coffee mug under the fill spout, so she would make 2 coffees(with 2 K cups) and pour them into her disposable coffee cup to take to work. After about 6 months, she upgraded to a Keurig (B70)Platinum and absolutely loves it. Now she makes one 12 ounce(using 1 K cup) directly into her foam cup. She also utilizes Amazons subscription service, she has 50 Donut Shop Kcups delivered about every 4 weeks or so for $26. Hope that helps. If you plan on getting the B70, make sure you get the newest version, it is the one with the little flip top lid on the water reservoir.

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    They are great for a quick cup, do yourself a favor and get one of those refillable k-cup cartridge and you'll save a ton.

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    Canada had a big push from Tassimo to start out, but now i think Kuerig is leading.

    Tassimo will begin laying the smack-down when they get Tim Hortons and Second Cup as coffee starting in October: Tim Hortons and Tassimo to Offer Tims Coffee One Cup at a Time

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    my coffee maker just died, and my wife suggested i get a Keurig - primarily because her parents have a Senseo and they all seem to love it... personally, i think that coffee tastes like that s*** you get at 7-11, you know, hot bean water.

    so instead i pulled out my old espresso machine and started making myself cappuccino every morning. not only is it marvelous, since i only have one cup o' cap, i cut down on my caffeine intake as well.

    NOTHING beats fresh ground coffee made the way YOU like it.

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    Bought a B70 last Friday and love it. The flavor is there and its cuts down on time since I have to get myself and a 15 month old ready in the morning. I use the my K-cup filter that came with it.
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    I am in love in love with mine. I got the B70 from Costco. Love the Sweet Tea it makes also.

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    btw, I bought a Keurig about a month ago and its awesome! It makes exactly the coffee I want. The bonus is if you buy the coffee at BBB and use the 20% off coupon you're saving even more money.
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    Interesting read for the K-cup crowd. Love Keurig? Nope.
    We have them in my office and while it isn't bad, I definitely prefer the flavor from my coffee at home.

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    I like the Ice tea!



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