I've been on a homemade hooch bend this summer.

To date, I'm stocked up on Limoncello, Arancello, Lime-cello, Lime-cello infused with raspberry, Blueberry Liqueur and finally Strawberry Liqueur. Whew. Its been some hot boozy summer months.

This weekend I am attending a girls night where I'm signed up for bringing the cocktails!! But I need some suggestions.

So far I am making

Blueberry martinis with muddled blueberry or a lemon zest (blueberry liqueur and vodka)
Strawberry mojitos with crushed basil (strawberry liqueur, brazilian sugar rum)
Cement Mixer shooters (lime liqueur and bailey Irish cream)
Dirty Arnold Palmers (black tea and limoncello)

I'm at a loss as to how to use the lime raspberry liqueur. It's so insanely yummy. So is the arancello. And the limoncello straight up.

Any cocktail suggestions?