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    Default Memphis BBQ Burger at Carl's Jr.

    MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm.... Epic. The guy they have creating burger there is killing it. Knocking it out the park. I love the grilled cheese bacon burger as well as the turkey burger but I think this one takes the cake.

    Here's to you Memphis BBQ Burger and Carl's Jr. Burger Creator guy !!!

    Anyone else have one yet ?

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    I still like it and the Carl's Jr. I go to did not smash the burger to pancake status. Decent review but too harsh on a fast food burger.

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    So does Hardees have the same menu than CJs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orpheus View Post
    So does Hardees have the same menu than CJs?
    No, but it's very similar. Different twists on same base burgers/breakfast...

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    I just wish they didn't call it a memphis burger, i've not had any luck with that city

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    I had it and it was alright. I wouldn't buy it again though.
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    If only the burger came with Sara Jean Underwood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOSTcauseZERO View Post
    If only the burger came with Sara Jean Underwood.
    Then you wouldn't need the burger.

    On a side note, the Bacon/Bacon biscuit is very tasty.



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