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Thread: Halloween themed food...

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    Default Halloween themed food...

    Cool ideas/pictures I found here:

    Photo Album - Imgur

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    I particularly like that glow in the dark jello shot. Very creative!

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    Too bad I didn't read this thread when it was actually Halloween. I have a contribution, and it's about as domestic as I get.

    Buy a pack of string cheese- 12 sticks or so. Cut each piece into thirds. Using a paring knife, score each piece of cheese all around the stick, working from the middle toward one edge. Don't cut too deeply. After cutting, hold the cheese vertically with the cut edge on the cutting board. Twist the cheese back and forth to make the edges flare out like broom bristles. Insert a pretzel stick into the opposite end of each. If you want to be fancy, tie a small strip of green onion around the top part of the cheese so it looks like the banding on the broom. Voila! (or wah-lah, if you spell like some people I know).



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