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All along I felt DH would go to Houston (Harden is like a young Kobe, with other good players around him). But, just now I had a gut feeling he might stay with the Lakers. Does Houston have the team to beat Miami even with Howard? I don't think so. So the immediate championship thing criteria is iffy. If its just who will have the better team next year-Houston wins over LA. What's just as important to these great players as a ring? To some who are great enough, and have a big name, it's having hundreds of millions AFTER playing, like Magic. Which city can offer that? LA. With AEG and Time Warner whispering in his ear, "ya wanna be as rich as Magic, we can help!" For that reason alone, I think it puts us on equal footing with Houston. So DH holds court for all his suitors, to get the details of what can I really get from your city (besides a ring). Add in a existing home in Newport (unless you're a cowboy, who wants to live in Houston?). I won't be shocked either way.
Miami is going to have a tough time with Wade falling apart and Bosh being Bosh. Harden, Howard, and (likely) Smith along with Lin and the other people there make for a very athletic, young, fast team that can play defense and score. Having those guys all signed for the next five years and all being under 20 is going to be a force.

Or he can stick with the Lakers and hope people stay healthy all year long, that they can sign people to big contracts in 2014, and Kobe is willing to go quietly into the night and let the transition happen.

What seems like the better choice for a guy who isn't an alpha dog and who wants to win a championship?