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Thread: Military Appreciation Night

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    Default Military Appreciation Night

    So I know we have some military vets or current service people here on the boards, I have at least 1 voucher good for four free seats for this Sunday's game at 3pm. You just have to show proof of your service. I may be able to come across two more vouchers and I will know by tonight on those. Just send me a pm asap and we can arrange to meet at the stadium prior to the game.

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    I'll be there! Get to see hockey stars and Military heroes. Win Win situation.

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    great Idea I have a couple as well. Let me know if you need more I am also going post on facebook

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    I gave every voucher to the Raboins oh yay.
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    man i wish i had time to go. gotta study for midterms.

    i noticed there has been a lot more appreciation for vets the last few yrs, a good thing

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    Still have 2 each is worth 4 tix

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    Damn...I won't be friend is committing suicide (Getting married) tomorrow at 3:00!!!

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    Pleasure meeting you Subhuman! Thanks again!!
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    No problem, it was also good to meet the two of you and put a couple more faces to the names on here.

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    Good time yesterday, but after watching the game it makes me miss my Kings even more :(

    Just not the same



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