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Thread: Science!!!

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    Default Science!!!

    So occasionally in my internets travels I come across articles about how SCIENCE found something cool or discovered that something cures something else that you would have never expected. I don't really have anywhere to share that ****, aside from Facebook, which I don't really care about, and thus this thread is born.

    Please feel free to post links to any articles you come across that are crazy ****ing awesome, bat**** insane or whatever. This stuff fascinates me endlessly.

    Here, I'll start.

    Zebrafish may hold the answer to repairing damaged retinas and returning eyesight to people

    ****in' cool.

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    Saturn Storm Creates Largest and Hottest Vortex Ever Seen in Solar System | Wired Science |

    But since May 2011, researchers have been watching two warm spots in Saturn’s clouds using NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and several Earth-based telescopes. Such spots appear periodically and were expected to cool down after a month. Instead, the hotspots merged and produced a colossal cyclone, briefly exceeding even Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot in size and brightness.

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    This could become my favorite thread

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    Herpes can help treat various cancers.

    BBC News - Herpes virus used to treat cancer

    See, haha, the happies aren't so bad.

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    Leeches are highly prized as a tool for healing skin grafts or restoring circulation, especially in reconstructive surgery. Now the US Food and Drug Administration has approved an application from French firm Ricarimpex SAS to market leeches for medicinal purposes.

    BBC NEWS | Health | The humble leech's medical magic

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    New telescope technology improves view of 'blandest' Uranus

    THIS is what I will be using this thread for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Naysay View Post
    New telescope technology improves view of 'blandest' Uranus

    THIS is what I will be using this thread for.
    I have no problem with that.

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    I thought this was about bill nye :(

    Will try and find articles though..



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