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Thread: Science!!!

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    Not sure if this is science but it's freaking me out

    Any Animal That Touches This Lethal Lake Turns to Stone

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    Live puzzle game or platformer, please.

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    Answering Our Critics, Part 1 of 2 Science-Based Medicine

    Answering Our Critics, Part 2 of 2: What

    Some people don’t like what we have to say on Science-Based Medicine. Some attack specific points while others attack our whole approach. Every mention of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) elicits protests in the Comments section from “true believer” users and practitioners of CAM. Every mention of a treatment that has been disproven or has not been properly tested elicits testimonials from people who claim to have experienced miraculous benefits from that treatment.

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    Walt constructs a home-made mercury battery out of meth chemicals, coins, and galvanized metal.
    Meth chemicals? Really, Popular Science?

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    Looks like my dream of a pet T-Rex has been dashed. :(

    Researchers Calculate That DNA Has a 521 Year Half-Life | SciTech Daily

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    Maniacal Laugh, Maniacal Laugh, Maniacal Laugh

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