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    Its about ****ing time we have this thread! Kings Provisional, Dave, ges?

    Since just before my 41st B-day last week, I've been having a major, Major, MAJOR, "Punk Mid-Life Crisis". Ive been downloading gobs and gobs of newly accessible Punk MP3's from multiple sites. Well over $1500 worth including The Damned, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, DK, Misfits, Pistols, GBH, SubHuMans, Exploited, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, TSOL, Christian Death, Germs, X, etc... Most of which I have on vinyl, cassette or disc...but Im way too lazy and lack time to transfer them to digi. As a teen living in Oxnard, Hueneme, Ventura and Santa Barbara (Child of an a-typical nasty late 70's California Divorce), I'm kind of partial to Nardcore like Ill Repute, Aggression, Dr. Know, H.C., False Confession, Stalag 13...etc. In fact, Im very good friends with quite a few of the dudes in those bands now.

    Lets load this bitch up with music....I need MOAR!!!

    BTW, Happy 30th Birthday "Suicidal Tendencies" album. You definitely weren't the first but you made the first step towards making Punk acceptable in the main stream with track 6.

    My personal fav is (track 2):

    "I'm not anti-society
    society's anti-me
    I'm not anti-religion
    religion is anti-me
    I'm not anti-tradition
    tradition is anti-me
    I'm not anti-anything
    I just wanna be free

    Fascist state, no freedom
    Unless you control yourself
    Use self expression, lose your freedom
    You're undesirable, you go straight to jail

    Kill someone, in a war
    Get a medal, you're a hero
    Protect yourself in every day war
    You're undesirable you go straight to jail

    I'm not anti-Reagan
    Reagan's anti-me
    I'm not anti-government
    government's anti-me
    I'm not anti-politics
    politics is anti-me
    I'm not anti-anything
    I just wannna be free

    Two Sided Politics
    Innocent, never guilty
    High class lawyer, you are rich
    If you're poor must be guilty
    Even if innocent you go straight to jail"

    and F*** YOU!

    (In before Green Day or Offspring)
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    this will inevitably start the "what is punk" arguments. so........

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    oh and come on

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    Ill Repute was good. I have that 7". Sleepwalking is a great song. "In Control" by Stalag 13 is one of my favorite records.

    In the summer of 1985, my high school best friend, had 3 bands play in his backyard. I was 15 years old & still very much a Mod. Although the transformation from being a Mod to a straight edge kid took 2 more years, this band started me down that path. To this day, this band & its altered ego band are my favorites.

    This band was a close 2nd.

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    This band, however, is in the top 10 of my all time favorites. They just did a reunion show in DC with the original singer. I am heavily influenced by post punk/hardcore bands of the mid to late 80's & early 90's.

    If they decide to play out here, I'll be first to post a roll call.

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    didn't dag nasty have 3 or 4 singers over the span of the band?

    I am all more familiar with dave smalley, but liked that video above!

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    They had 3. Brown, Smalley & Cortner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Ill Repute was good. I have that 7". Sleepwalking is a great song. "In Control" by Stalag 13 is one of my favorite records.

    This band was a close 2nd.

    Fantastic album! I have the "Skins, Brains and Guts" 7" at my moms house.

    Never got into the Straight Edge lifestyle. Loved the music but was way to eager to smoke a bowl at any chance I could. :D

    "In Control" is an absolute *must* in any collection of Nardcore. As is IR's "What Happens Next".

    Speaking of *must*, I must find a decent MP3 of Youth Brigade's "Sound & Fury". The 2 I've sampled sound like they were ripped off napster using a 8 track.



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