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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturn View Post
    Meh, I hope this thread doest turn into that tired debate. IMHO, Punk is ultimately a state of mind and not the stupid "Brand" itís unfortunately become. Threads like this inevitably turn into an ďF-U! My subgenre is better Punk than your subgenreÖĒ and things get ugly. I hope we donít go in that direction. I may disagree with what someone a lot younger than me may consider Punk, but itís all relative. Iíve been fortunate enough to live through the heyday of the latter beginning, middle, and (what I would consider) the end of Punk. That gives me a better knowledge base to draw my conclusions from. Now if someone comes on here and says ďGreen Day is the best Punk band ever!Ē Iíd call them lame and probably Ving them in the headÖNow THATíS PUNK! :D

    Case in point, and Iím probably gonna get flamed but I've ALWAYS had a tough time calling the Ramones Punk (let 'er rip!)Ö.thatís just me. Iím SURE there are some OG punks on here that would consider that to be Blasphemous...and maybe rightfully so. They would probably also consider Hardcore and thereafter to be garbage. But my introduction to Punk came after the Ramones had already laid the groundwork.

    So, it would be highly hypocritical of me to say anything that came after Hardcore is crap. Iíll give anything a listening to and if its crap, itís based on its content and not its label.

    And thats that on it from me...

    It is my humble opinion, that Iggy Pop and the Stooges started punk music. (though, back then we just referred to it as underground rock and roll)

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    Was listening to these guys earlier....

    Cool vid with a bit of eye candy.

    Quick story: In 2001 during the Kings playoff run I saw Tiger Army in the Anaheim HOB open for the Rev. I was sporting a Kings hat and had just gotten a brew after Tiger Army's set. As I was walking back to where my freinds were, I almost literally run into then Tiger Army drummer Fred Hell, as seen in the above vid. I say say sorry then say how much I enjoyed the set. He says "Thanks man!" and I turn to go but he says "Hey, how are the Kings looking?" And says he is huge fan but has trouble keeping up with what is going on due being on tour. So Fred and I, got beers and then spend the next 20 minutes or so talking Kings hockey. The cool thing was that during that time all sorts of other fans and hot chicks came up to get his autograph or take a pic with him. He would simply pause, sign whatever they handed him or pose for a pic, then immediatly resume talking with me about the Kings. The whole time the fans coming up to him are looking at me with puzzled looks, trying to figure out who I am. One chick, being polite, asked for my autograph, thinking I must be in a band or something. I laugh and tell her "you don't want my autograph, I'm just a regular joe." She sort of blushes, apologizes and leaves. Fred laughs and tells me I should have just signed for her. The Rev is about to go on and Fred says thanks for talking hockey with him shakes my hand and says "Go Kings!" He could not have been a nicer or more down to earth guy.

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    what a cool story. Tiger Army is my favorite band and I LOVE Fred Hell. met him several times at shows and he couldn't have been nicer. I was so bummed when he had to leave the band.

    how 'bout a Misfits TA cover to keep this thread going?

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    Pablo Picasso never got called an *******. Not in New York.

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    This song amuses me to no end.

    I got a gun! I got a gun, man!! Manslaughter can be fun!

    Settle down, Beavis.

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    When you're in the right mood, nobody delivers like Jehu:

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    aussies always good for a laugh

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    While not a "punk" band by most standards, Gallon Drunk has more f-you attitude than most:

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    Who Stole the Punk Rock Picnic? - Page 1 - Music - Orange County - OC Weekly

    Who Stole the Punk Rock Picnic?

    Occupy Laguna Hills courtroom this Monday 6/17?



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