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    Ha! Henry Rollins with long hair. Those were the days.

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    This band was recommended to me awhile back and I just recently started listening to it regularly.

    Some of you should recognize the lead singer's voice right away without needing to look the band up.

    The self-titled album which came out last year is a MUST BUY. If this was already recommended before I don't care because it's that damn good.
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    Looked back on the thread and didn't see any reference to this classic:

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    I'm feeling silly

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    Not sure if it's been posted but really needs to be here somewhere for the vandals

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    The Vandals rule!!

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    man back in the days of the napster bad videos this one was classic

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    stretching back to the OP

    I'm sure everyone was picturing this

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    It's funny, when I first heard "Instituionalized," I had no idea what the singer looked like, but I imagined some stoner looking guy like Shaggy. Instead, lol, Mike Muir looks like a white cholo.



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