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Thread: NFL Football

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    That Aaron Hernandez thing ain't going away. For a guy who isn't a suspect they sure are spending a TON of time searching his house and 'interviewing' him.

    Aaron Hernandez of New England Patriots questioned in homicide probe - report - ESPN Boston

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    This is the first I've heard about that. He's pretty much the only suspect they have, but can't say that he is because they probably haven't found a motive. Makes me wonder what kind of "associate" the guy was.

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    WOW With Hernandez in trouble and Gronkowski getting surgery for every body part, Pats offence looks weak

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBK View Post
    WOW With Hernandez in trouble and Gronkowski getting surgery for every body part, Pats offence looks weak
    Seriously! I'm thinking there goes my number one TE's this season for fantasy.

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    Death of Dorchester man tied to Hernandez is ruled a homicide -

    Apparently Hernandez has a civil suit pending for an incident where he shot another man who wound up losing his eye. I guess there were questions about character when he was drafted which is why he dropped to the Patriots. Really not looking good.

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    Yeah when I read that one yesterday.. I was thinking damn does not look good...

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    Aaron Hernandez of New England Patriots not ruled out as suspect -- ABC News - ESPN Boston

    Sources told ABC News that the home security system at Hernandez's home, along with his cell phone, were destroyed. Police were at Hernandez's home again Thursday with another search warrant based on evidence that Hernandez "destroyed his home security system," an investigator close to the case told ABC.

    The investigator and other law enforcement sources, confirmed that the security system was smashed intentionally. Hernandez's cell phone was handed over to investigators "in pieces" by his attorneys, sources added.

    Police also want to know why a team of house cleaners were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez's mansion, sources told ABC News.
    Wow. And the Patriots camp is not doing the usual 'we stand by...' crap. They are even more 'no comment' than usual. Really, what a tool bag if he had ANYTHING to do with this. How stupid are you? Multi million dollar contract and all you have to do is NOT be a stupid thug. You WON. But nope...I gotta be a tough guy. Can't wait for the death row 'I realize now the opportunities I wasted' mea culpa.

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    Police issue arrest warrant for Aaron Hernandez of New England Patriots, reports ABC News - ESPN Boston

    Obstruction of justice...but is it just the first step. Did he do a good enough job mopping up to muddy the evidence to avoid murder charges?

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    Aaron Hernandez of New England Patriots arrested - ESPN Boston

    NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. -- Aaron Hernandez was arrested Wednesday morning, more than a week after an acquaintance of the New England Patriots tight end was found dead in an industrial park near his house.

    Less than two hours following his arrest, Hernandez was released by the Patriots, who announced the transaction on their Twitter account.

    The Bristol County District Attorney's office released a statement announcing Hernandez's arrest, although charges were not disclosed. Hernandez was arrested by Massachusetts State Police, who obtained the arrest warrant, and was booked at the North Attleborough police station.
    Speculation has it since The Patriots cut ties so quickly that the situation is much worse than just obstruction. This story fascinates me. How big of a mook do you have to be? A father, living in a mansion...and here you are. This doesn't seem like a crime of passion(which although still stupid is at least more understandable) it seems like a case of an idiot trying to play tough guy with his 'boys'. The amount of stupidity is unfathomable.



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