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Thread: Amazon Fresh!

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    Default Amazon Fresh!

    Welcome | AmazonFresh

    If you are an Amazon Prime member then you get 3 month free trial of Amazon Fresh. I just signed up last night and it's easy to hit the "don't join" button so you won't be charged at the end of the 3 months (unless they make me change my mind )

    You can get items from local businesses also like Santa Monica Fish Co., Huntington Meats and Fonuts. Want some elk or bison meat? No problem!

    Not sure if I can justify the nearly $300 annual fee. but I'll give it a try for 3 months. How about you, Birdman ? You introduced me to Amazon Prime.

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    Do they deliver In&Out too ?

    The seafood and meat already kind of makes it seem worth it.

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    I ordered a few random items from SM Seafood and Huntington Meats to test it out.

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    I joined the Amazon Prime club earlier this year and I don't see if I've been subscribed to AF?
    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!

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    Not sure if the wife has tried it yet, but I'm an aggro Amazon Prime Member. Funny story is I go into stores now shopping and before I buy things, I will scan the barcode on them with my iPhone/Amazon App to see what kind of price I can get from Amazon before I buy them. I went into Osh to check out a new "Gravity" lawn chair for me to kick it in the Garden in the mornings with my coffee, and I found a chair I liked. The chair I settled on was on sale for $89.00. I scanned it, then sat in the chair at Osh as I ordered it for $49.00 from Amazon (Free shipping) and it was delivered 3 days later.

    I've enabled every TV in the house to access the Amazon Prime Videos with either a wireless compatible BluRay or Roku device, and if I didn't need them for the car, I'd be completely done with Bluray/DVD disks. The clutter from them, and the fact that they get scratched and stop working, drives me bat**** crazy. I do the rentals, watch the free shows (I've rewatched BSG twice now) and even buy the ones I know I'm going to watch a lot.
    at the draft party a couple of years ago, and under a considerable haze, i heard Birdman yell out the following (about 4 or 5 times, i think) - "don't marry yourselves to players!" he went on to reiterate that idea more than once on the boards, and i believe it to be absolutely sage.


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    has anyone ever been able to turn the subtitles/captions on through that video site, Jay?
    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!

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    I ordered last night for pre-dawn delivery, and the stuff was on my porch this morning. Frying up some applewood bacon right now.

    The Santa Monica seafood clam chowder was AMAZING. Also got a couple of hard to find gin and vermouth blends. They pack everything with frozen Desani bottles, which is real nice, free water!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerMan View Post
    I joined the Amazon Prime club earlier this year and I don't see if I've been subscribed to AF?

    It's a different thing, you have to sign up for it on top of Prime. OMG the applewood bacon is to DIE FOR!! Even the organic brown eggs are top quality. I might have to stick with this! We realized we had no eggs to eat with the bacon and ordered some last night and they were on the porch this morning.

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    Santa Monica is God's country!

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    OMG the Santa Monica Seafood salmon burgers are AMAZING!!!!!! The spices are PERFECT.

    Must have more!



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