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Thread: The totally bizzare and WTF Thread....

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    Default The totally bizzare and WTF Thread....

    Some dude driving around LA in a Lambo with his pet Bear:

    Reddit User Posts Photo of a Bear in a Lamborghini |
    at the draft party a couple of years ago, and under a considerable haze, i heard Birdman yell out the following (about 4 or 5 times, i think) - "don't marry yourselves to players!" he went on to reiterate that idea more than once on the boards, and i believe it to be absolutely sage.


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    Great idea for a thread.
    Maniacal Laugh, Maniacal Laugh, Maniacal Laugh

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    Sounds way better than the "only in Florida" thread

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    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!

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    Do bears **** in a Lamborghini?

    Only once.

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    The one instance where I don't mind the media banging on someones door to ask for an explanation

    “NOT SEE” personalized license plate approved by DMV causes outrage [UPDATED]

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    I have so many awesome funny stories from my time working at Disneyland.



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