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Thread: ***DSLR/Photography MegaThread***

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    Stairway to Kevin

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    So I ordered a PC cord for remote flash from and even paid extra for priority shipping. After 5 days or so I emailed them to ask why it hadn't arrived and they sent me a USPS confirmation page on the tracking saying that it was delivered on Friday. I called the wife and she never saw it and neither have I. I have a gated yard and a pretty secluded porch (and a loud dog) so I doubt it was stolen.

    WTF am I supposed to do now?

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    Go to your Post Office and report it. They'll talk to the carrier, and he'll say he remembered delivering it and that will be the end of it. Rarely do these packages ever surface.

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    That sucks, RR. I had this issue once with MLB.Com. I lived in an apartment and they delivered to the wrong building but same apartment number. I didn't know this so I called them and they immediately sent out a new shipment, no questions asked. While I was waiting for the 2nd shipment, I started thinking about the possibility of it being at another apartment so I looked around. Sure enough, it was sitting on the porch of an apartment nearby for what was obviously several days due to all the dust that had accumulated.

    Good luck. If you have any issues, give this guy a call...

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    Got my proofs back from WHCC today. I don't know what to make of it, really. They cropped things kinda funny and their colors don't match up quite as well as I'd hoped, even though I followed their instructions on program setup and monitor calibration.

    They wouldn't look bad if you weren't me and didn't know what the original files I sent looked like, though.

    I guess I need to figure out how to add a plain white border to my images. Can I do that through WHCC? Or do I need to do it myself in PS before I send the files?

    EDIT: Ahh...I see a feature within ROES (the ordering software for WHCC) where I can select whether I want the image cropped or fit to page.
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    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Bullets are cheap. Life is priceless.

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    Default District Magazine Flickr Photo of the Week - RMFR

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinkrat View Post
    Alright RR, what's going on in that picture?


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    So I went last night to shoot my niece's school choral concert. I figured: indoors...low-light...perfect place to work on some skillz.

    I get home this morning and EVERY photograph is soft-focused. I had the focus point on her face the whole time (running in single point/single servo AF), yet she's soft-focused while the girl behind her is in focus. Every capture is like this.

    ISO 1600 w/flash, f/2.8 at 1/250th.

    The red square is where the focus point was. You can see that my niece's face is soft-focused, while the black girl on the right edge of the image is sharp, as is the blond girl behind her right shoulder.

    Argh. What's the problem? Is my lens out of whack??
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    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Bullets are cheap. Life is priceless.

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    Try setting it to a one-point focus instead of the 8-point or whatever so it won't look at the entire group. Also, try a faster ISO so you change your aperture to get more depth of field. That is pretty basic but it's all I c an think of.

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    I was running in single-point AF. In that mode, it only looks at the focus point that's illuminated in the viewfinder (instead of averaging 9, 21, or 51 points). For that reason, no matter what my f# is, the subject under the focus point should be in focus. It isn't.

    I was also running in single-servo AF mode, meaning that the AF system will "lock" on the subject and maintain that focus until the shutter button is pressed or released (rather than tracking a moving subject as it does in continuous-servo AF). The shutter won't even release unless the camera is focused.
    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Bullets are cheap. Life is priceless.



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