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Thread: ***DSLR/Photography MegaThread***

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    Radtastic, someone is eatin' what the Strobist is preachin'! Looks good. Alright, lets see how I do:

    Hair light hight camera left behind model, no light modifier
    Key camera right slightly above model, bounce or something like shoot through umbrella?

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    Slight modifier.. a blue gel on the left

    umbrella on the right

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    Wifey and her ipod

    wifey and her bike

    Umbrella on the right that is gelled for tungsten and the camera set to tungsten to make everything but the light turn blue

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    Those look great! The lighting on the first is fantastic, and the tungsten gel trick worked perfectly with the balance on her face.

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    My answer to RR's Dog... (My Condo isn't big enough for a Lab)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedingPurple View Post
    My answer to RR's Dog... (My Condo isn't big enough for a Lab)

    Beautiful soft lighting. Excellent detail. Well composed nice tight shot.

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    So I went to the Doll Factory for a Fresh Meat practice last night to test out the two-light setup. I was VERY encouraged by the results and can't wait to try it out in the real combat situation of a bout (a two-day tournament is coming at the end of the month). Still a little tweaking to do but it was bitchen to roam around and have the lighting change depending on what angles I was shooting from on the rink. What was cool was that the two small flashes covered a good portion of the rink that includes my favorite shooting positions. There is a little shadow problem because of the railing and the poles in the infield but the other light helps to minimize the impact and soften them up. This is gonna be bitchen if I can pull it off.

    That is Thomas Refferson on the right . . can't miss him. I think the off-camera lights really make it pop. There's some stray ambient too.

    She is lit by the lights and the flag is lit by a window behind it. I'm real pleased with the lighting on her.

    This is with one light behind me and one behind them on the left. Still moving around the rink, the lights are stationary.

    They are right next to one of the lights. which is because I'm roaming around. I had the lights behind them for some real dramatic shots just by wandering to the other side of the rink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinkrat View Post
    Beautiful soft lighting. Excellent detail. Well composed nice tight shot.
    Thanks! It was one of those moments that I saw him sitting their in good lighting so I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera. No post processing at all.

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    Samy's is having a "we pay the tax sale" over the weekend on a lot of lighting eqpt.
    I might have to cruise over there and get myself a b-day present.



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