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Thread: ***DSLR/Photography MegaThread***

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    I think the Eye-fi has a set up on their new cards to send images from camera to your phone over wi-fi, you could then upload to social media. And Eye-Fi cards work in all SD card taking cameras from my understanding.

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    Just what I need

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    OK, just ordered an eye-fi card. Can't wait.

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    A really neat couple of photos here that I thought you guys might enjoy. Seems like a fairly simple setup going on, but a real fantastic effect and mood set with the lighting. Makes me think of old neon lights from old highways. Hope you guys enjoy.

    Night photography reveals "Lost America" – CNN Photos - Blogs

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    Good! I'm glad that's gonna work for ya Rink.
    I may scoop up an older one for wireless tethering in the studio at school.

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    Just pre-ordered the new 36 megapixel Nikon D800. That's right bitches! I'm gettin me a bad-ass camera!

    Nikon D800 SLR Digital Camera (Body Only) 25480 B&H Photo Video

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    From the eye-fi card, straight to Facebook! Booyah!!

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    I am reconfiguring it so it sends the pics to my iPhone so I have more control over cropping and where it is sent online! Works GREAT!

    I always thought the mini-card slot on the camera was a pain and now it's finally good for something!

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    OK, so I configured it to shoot raw to the CF card and JPG to the Eye-fi card. When I review my pics it looks at the wi-fi card and then when I "protect" one it sends it to my iPhone where I can mess with it or send it further!


    Meanwhile Canon announced the Elph 320 point-and-shoot that has built in wifi.



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