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Thread: All Things:NETFLIX

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    SENSE8 Casting and Plot Revealed

    Here’s how Straczynski explained the plot:
    “The series follows eight characters around the world who, in the aftermath of a tragic death, find themselves linked to each other mentally and emotionally. They can not only see and talk to each other as though they were in the same place, they have access to each other’s deepest secrets. Not only must they figure out what happened and why and what it means for the future of humanity, they must do so while being hunted by an organization out to capture, kill or vivisect them.”

    Read more at SENSE8 Casting and Plot Revealed

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    July 1, 2014

    12 Angry Men

    American Ninja (1985)


    Bad Santa

    Basic Instinct

    Best Defense (1984)

    Blue Chips

    Body Of Evidence

    Boyz In The Hood

    Can't Buy Me Love

    Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke

    City Of God

    Crimson Tide


    Dead Man Walking

    Don't Look Now (1973)

    Eight Men Out

    Fever Pitch (1997)

    From Here To Eternity

    Gandhi (1982)

    Halloween Resurrection

    Jersey Girl

    Legends Of The Fall

    Madeline (1998)

    Mean Girls

    Patton (1970)

    People I Know



    Primal Fear

    Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country

    Star Trek I The Motion Picture

    Sugar Hill

    The Babysitter

    The Dark Half

    The Hunt For Red October

    The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness (1958)

    The Karate Kid (1984)

    The Karate Kid II (1986)

    The Keys Of The Kingdom

    The Parent Trap (1998)


    Waling Tall Part II

    June 30, 2014

    My Girl

    My Girl 2
    Awww yeaaaaah. Hemlock Grove season two is out in July too. Weird show.
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    A reminder if it has already been posted (probably): Season 4 of "The Killing" will be premiering on Netflix on August 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santiclaws View Post
    A reminder if it has already been posted (probably): Season 4 of "The Killing" will be premiering on Netflix on August 1.
    Haven't yet...good on yez santi. But you forgot to mention, ALL THREE seasons, including the FANTASTIC season 3 are also available for your viewing pleasure.

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    Default All Things:NETFLIX

    Dude world war z sucked

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    Default All Things:NETFLIX

    But now that South Park episode makes more sense...

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    Anyone know where I can get a Netflix gift card? Netflix stopped selling them on their website for some reason and I am unable to find them in the few stores that sells gift cards. It is stupid that Netflix took them off their website for whatever reason.

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    Dream Job Alert: Get Paid to Watch Netflix All Day
    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter



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