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Thread: All Things: Asian Film, Vol. III

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    Default All Things: Asian Film, Vol. III

    John Woo's A Better Tomorrow to be Restored in 4K

    The Organizing Committee of the Shanghai International Film Festival has announced that acclaimed director John Woo's classic action film A Better Tomorrow (1986) will be restored in 4K in 2015. According to ChinaDaily, the restoration will be completed at Cineteca di Bologna with the financial support of Swiss watch maker Jaeger-LeCoultre.
    Sounds good to me!

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    Is there a 4K Hard Boiled or The Killer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LetTigerIn View Post
    Is there a 4K Hard Boiled or The Killer?
    Not as of yet.

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    Takashi Miike’s “Over Your Dead Body” Gets a Poster! | Film Smash

    Based on the 1825 kabuki play "Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan" by Tsuruya Nanboku.
    Oh, **** yes.

    Check out a teaser trailer and some images here: Over Your Dead Body - AsianWiki

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    review of Kim Ki-Duk's "Moebius" | Film Smash

    This is the sort of art-house cinema that no doubt will be labelled pretentious by those who can’t stand having the message open for interpretation, who require it all spelled out for them in bitesize chunks and wrapped up in a happy conclusion. Hollywood fans should turn back now, for this is brutal, violent and bleak, but also one of the most bizarrely beautiful and poetic slices of cinema to have been made for years. A masterpiece in every sense of the word.
    I want to see this soooooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

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    Primer: 10 Essential Films Of The Korean New Wave|The Playlist

    I've seen all but one of these and they're all great films.

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    Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Ultimate Revenge Edition Blu-ray

    The Blu-ray release will be available for purchase on July 22.
    If you don't have this already... get busy!

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    Watch: Bong Joon-Ho’s 4-Part Student Film 'Incoherence' | The Playlist

    The Seventh Art has dug up Bong’s four-part student film, “Incoherence.” The nearly-half-hour 1994 short film finds the “Mother” director beginning to refine his style with his trademark black humor and sudden tonal shifts already bubbling up, as well as some social commentary about moral authority figures.
    Bookmarked that **** to come back to later...



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