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Thread: Child of Light (RPG, all platforms)

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    Default Child of Light (RPG, all platforms)

    Never been a big classic RPG fan but have stumbled onto a killer hybrid type RPG named "Child of Light" by Ubisoft, for all platforms, mine being xbone:
    Child of Light Review - IGN

    It's awesome. It's organic, VERY intuitive and we'll paced. The turn-by-turn fighting is easy to learn and isn't overly complicated, which is my biggest gripe with RPGs in general. 80% of the game is a side-scrolling adventure with the remaining 20% being classic spells/potions/weaponry type melee.

    It's only available through download and at only $15 for the first 10 chapters, it's worth every cent.

    If anyone wants to join my Child of Light party (or my friends list at Xbox live, ftm), hit me up:


    I'll throw some potions your way...

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    To add, if you're looking for a fast paced, in your face type game, this isn't it.

    I needed a break from my true loves, FPS and COL has fit that bill perfectly...until Destiny is released.

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    I haven't played much of the game yet, but I love what I have played (the demo on PS4). Just got the Xbox One version a few days ago with free Xbox credit I got through Facebook. My gamertag is "The Matt Young". I have other games, too, of course.



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