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    Default Question for Conan/Norm Mcdonald Fans & Thoughts from the Festival Supreme

    While at the Comedy Supreme Festival someone mentioned Norm McDonald was Conan and told some type of goat joke that killed. Anyone who is a fan of the either she some light?

    For the record....Norm was effing hysterical. Out of all the acts we saw Norm was the one guy I left saying "I would pay good money to watch this do his act." Anyhow, if anyone knows the clip they are referring to please post here.

    There was another act who I cant find his name but he did a mock country western song called "Im pandering" that was brilliant.

    We sadly missed Doug Benson but did see Maria Bamford....struck me like a female Jonathan Winters in that her act was about being crazy and stalking and all sorts of other crazy material. I enjoyed it....edgy for sure

    Fred Armisen....not a big fan and nothing changed after wathcing him live. Eagles of Death Metal were fun to watch as we the Dan Band which, made me realize that as someone in there 40s, there is whole new genre of white parody rap that I never realized existed. Was interesting to watch but apart from the "Im Pandering" song I could not really get into per se. Maybe my overall dislike of rap, or white people in general, not sure which.

    We left before Cheech and Chong.......not sure I like the format of them headlining but getting only 30 minutes of time. Seemed like a long wait for a short show...even if they are two legends. Anyhow...there is the quick report. Can also say that...

    Has maybe the best Korean Spicy BBQd Pork I have ever had.
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    It was probably T.J. Miller. he does some country songs in his bits. And he is usually very funny.

    Norm MacDonald is a GREAT stand up show. I think Maria Bamford is certifiably insane. (just like Jonathan Winters)

    BBQ Night in Hawaiian Gardens is the best KBBQ that I go to. Very friendly staff and GREAT food. And 20 bucks.

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    Was not TJ Miller....but we caught some of his act. He was pretty funny...and totally agreed Maria Bamford is crazy. But shes moderately hot....and that aspect makes her act work.
    "You know, that sucks," said Doughty.




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