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Thread: The Official 2014-2015 Angels Off-season Thread

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    Default The Official 2014-2015 Angels Off-season Thread

    Dear Arte Moreno

    Please don't buy any hasbeens this off-season.

    Yours Truly
    -The World

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    Kendrick for Andrew Heaney is a genius move:

    From MLB:
    Heaney's fastball sits in the low 90s, and it reaches 95 mph regularly. He mixes it with a wipeout slider and a changeup that has developed into a good third pitch. The improvement of Heaney's changeup has given him a weapon to combat right-handed hitters, and he actually performed better against them than he did against left-handed hitters in 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Traffic View Post
    Kendrick for Andrew Heaney is a genius move
    I like the trade a lot. As much of a nice guy Howie Kendrick is, he has worn out his welcome a bit. Always rated as a potential batting champ, never quite lived up to the expectations. He's no slouch for sure. Always a reliable 2B who makes great defensive plays and rarely gets hurt... but batting? Man, if he is on fire he can hit. But he also goes in massive slumps and when he's cold, he makes anyone else look good. Plus, Howie is a free agent anyway after this upcoming season... so it's cool.

    Heaney gives us so much more starting pitching depth. Hope he turns out well.
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    Any offseason moves so far is better than this..

    or this

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    Speaking of Hamilton, the Angels tried trading him back to the Rangers (I can imagine the laugh on the other end of the phone) and the Padres.

    Don't like his attitude or his lazy play.



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