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    Looks like this one got the chop too. Apologies to whoever started it last time.

    Watch Four New BROADCHURCH Season 2 Trailers

    Don't know if anyone ever started watching Gracepoint(the fox 'merican remake) but don't.
    I am actually looking forward to s2 of this. It was a solid show and I am interested to see the fall out from the resolution of s1.

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    the answer to 'has fox learned anything from their hamfisted remake of Broadchurch' is clearly NO

    American Remake Of BBC’s LUTHER In The Works At Fox

    According to Variety, Idris Elba, star of the original series, will serve as an executive producer, but not appear in the American version. This is a huge problem. Luther is Elba. Remove his performance, and Luther becomes more a run-of-the-mill Sherlock-inspired weekly-psycho series (in which Single White Females Living Alone are always targeted and brutally killed). It was Elba’s interactions with co-star Ruth Wilson (as the mysterious Alice) that made episodes electric, as well as the growing and changing relationship with his sidekick-of-sorts, Justin Ripley (Warren Brown). Further, Luther, like Sherlock, is integrally tied to a place: London.

    Luther ran for three seasons in the U.K., and was marked but its commitment to short, rich seasons (a la Sherlock). While Fox more or less honored Broadchurch‘s structure when commissioning Gracepoint (which it expanded to ten episodes instead of eight), it would be very surprising if the new Luther was in any way a contained or limited series (though it should be).

    What’s particularly interesting is that Fox is taking another gamble on a remake from a U.K. series so soon after Gracepoint, which has been a ratings flop, and critically panned as unnecessary (although in its defense, its seventh episode — where it breaks away from Broadchurch, finally — could portend a strong finish. A second season is almost entirely out of the question at this point, though).


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    Mark Gatiss Talks SHERLOCK Season 4 and the Return of Moriarty

    Ok, so...however Sherlock survived sure death, now they are gonna 'takesies backsies' with Moriarty too. So glad I stopped watching.



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