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Thread: NHL/Gamecenter app

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    Default NHL/Gamecenter app

    can anyone shine a light at this paragraph?

    "Features that were once available only to paid subscribers of the NHL GameCenterô Premium app are now free for users registered with or logged in with their Facebook account, including live game audio streams and select in-game video highlights, making this the first official professional sports league app to make these features available for free regardless of wireless provider."

    not exactly free as you still need to pay to upgrade to GC, an app that is no longer available for direct download. when I opened the year old GC app recently, I was forced to update to a new NHL app, which in turn will suggest paying for an upgrade from within for those "free" features.

    or it's just that the person who wrote the article was on a crack binge.
    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!

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    I'm going with selection # 2...

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    There is no change to the functionality at all...only the name of the app. It's still an overpriced package that is a total rip for most of us since Kings games are blacked out locally. Lame.

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    I have no idea what they're saying, but you don't need to upgrade to listen to radio broadcasts. I could listen to radio broadcasts for free last season without subscribing to GC. I just listened to part of the last night's game through the NHL GC app as well. (Ended up switching over to iHeartRadio because it had better audio quality.) You only need the subscription to watch games as far as I know.

    For this season and last, I've been using a streaming service out of Scandinavia that sits in a legal grey area due to their more lax IP laws. It has no blackouts, and is available for streaming on mobile devices as well.

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    All I know is I have Center Ice at Home on DirecTV and love everything about it. I'm not a cord cutter and wanted to be able to watch games on my phone or computer when not at home. I find it terribly unreasonable that I can't use my subscription on the internet. No way I wanted to pay for a second subscription. My solution has been to buy the new Slingbox for $150 plus the phone app for $15, the computer program is free. No subscription fees or any other costs for the lifetime of the box. I am more than happy since now I can watch anything on DTV including my DVR and much more than the DTV app allows (no Center Ice BTW).

    I have always wanted a Sligbox since I saw one in action many years ago but never really thought it would be worth the cost ( much more back then).



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