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Thread: All Things:COMMERCIALS

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    well, the Super Bowl is coming, and this thread is lost at sea yet again. So ve vill reschtardt!!!

    My fave recent 'mmercial, not sure why...but it always makes me giggle.

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    Man, all the SuperBowl commercials are getting leaked.

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    Agree. That was part of watching the Super Bowl in the past was getting the initial reaction of the commercials. Bad form product sellers, bad form!

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    Ok, let's start this with some SuperBowl pregame...

    Gonna be using a VISITORS field computer...will try to post as many of the good or BAD ones as I can find. Feel free to play along brothers and sisters. Go 'HAWKS.

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    Fave commercial so far.

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    And the buzzkill award goes to...

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