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    Original thread got the chop...

    Review: 'Paddington' is a sweet and stylish family film delight

    "Paddington" is a model that I'd love to see Hollywood follow, a film that is absolutely aimed at mainstream family audiences but that allows a strong filmmaker to assert a real sense of style and voice. It's an excellent showcase for Paul King, for the tremendous character animation by Framestore, and for Ben Whishaw's delicate, inquisitive work as the title character, and it is one of those rare family films that actually seems to think of children as smart and full of empathy. If you take your family this weekend, you may well find yourself just as delighted by it as your children.
    Did not expect this. The release date combined with Colin Firth jumping off as the voice had me worried. Still think this is too 'veddy English' to translate to big crowds, let's hope good word of mouth and lack of other kids flicks prove me wrong.

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    Paddington’ Review: Tons of Charm, No Padding

    There are so many reasons why ‘Paddington’ shouldn’t work as a movie. Chief among them, of course, is the fact that this is a contemporary CGI-fueled update of a quaint old children’s book series. We’ve been down that road countless times before, and this should be yet another example of that endlessly disappointing trend in contemporary family filmmaking. And yet, against all the odds, ‘Paddington’ is an incredibly charming and at times downright enchanting little movie that I can’t recommend enough.

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    Producer David Heyman Talks PADDINGTON, Sequel Possibilities, Reaction to the Film’s Acclaim, What It Would Take to Put Paddington and Ted Together, More

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    The Wolf of Wall Street is a good family movie!

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    I'm really surprised at the reviews so far. I told the Mrs that I thought it would not be a movie I would be interested in at all from the trailer. Her cousin is the big paddington fan so we're going to wait for her take on it.

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