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Thread: Post YOUR GoPro videos here!!!

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    Cool Post YOUR GoPro videos here!!!

    My wife got me a GoPro Hero 4 "silver" for my birthday this past November and I have been having a blast. I thought it might be fun share mine and to see what others are doing with theirs.

    Here are a handful of mine, they link out to Instagram.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in 15 seconds.

    Secret spot.

    More secret spot.

    One of my tide pool spots in OC.

    Another one from the tide pools, juvenile Sculpin

    More tide pool action. Juvenile Opaleyes.

    Secret spot.

    Secret spot.

    And playing with the long exposure at Disneyland's California Adventure.

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    Thanks man.

    I took these on Friday night.

    Radiator Springs Racers.

    RSR again.

    And the Astro Orbitor in Disneyland.



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