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Thread: Jimmy John's

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    Default Jimmy John's

    I always liked their sandwiches (when I was in Nevada or North Dakota) they are springing up here more in California. I am glad there is one in Pasadena. Not bad for a cheap sandwich.

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    there's one in Monrovia too. gotta check it out. how are they compared to Philly's Best that's also nearby?
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    There delivery is lightning fast as promised, Not as good as Jersey Mikes or Philly Best but for a good inexpensive alternative with delivery you cant go wrong.
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    Yeah I used to live off Jimmy John's my senior year of college. I haven't had it in a while though.
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    Firehouse isn't bad, hope more spring up. Plus, all of them have Coke Freestyle

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    I love their Italian combo.
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    Not impressed. Disappointed actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by job View Post
    Not impressed. Disappointed actually.
    Best thing about them is, they make sandwiches wicked fast, and they're in my building. From the time I commit, to the time I am at my desk eating and reading this mess, its less than 5 minutes.
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    Tried it and also was underwhelmed. Basically, it's Subway. So many other choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crapgame13 View Post
    Firehouse isn't bad, hope more spring up. Plus, all of them have Coke Freestyle
    LOVE Firehouse Subs hope they come to So Cal soon.
    How can a sandwich shop not offer any hot sandwiches ? This alone will keep me from JJs



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