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Thread: Jarret Stoll SUPERTHREAD

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    Default Jarret Stoll SUPERTHREAD

    Vanessa_Murphy ‏@Vanessa_Murphy 33m33 minutes ago Enterprise, NV
    BREAKING: @LVMPD confirms #NHL player Jarret Stoll arrested for possession of cocaine at Wet Republic in Las Vegas today. @8NewsNow #8NN

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    Default Report - Stoll arrested for cocaine possession

    Couple of tweets out there - nail in the coffin for his tenure in L.A. If true.

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    Default Stoll arrested for cocaine possession

    Cornell Hockey - LETS GO RED!

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    Kinda hard to sniff the Playoffs when your nose is already full...

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    He's going to cost himself a lot of money with this. Money he could have used to by more coke.

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    I am impressed that four threads were created so quickly about this. Are you guys all doing coke or something?

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    Wet Republic? He has a whole ocean to play in at home. Please tell me this is a bad joke. Just surfin during 2nd intermission of Nashville/Chicago game.

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    I bet Mike Richards wishes he has this excuse. Heck, at least it's a reason to the suckatude.



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