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Thread: ### LGK Police Pursuit Thread ##

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    Default ### LGK Police Pursuit Thread ##

    We always follow the police pursuits in the LGK Shoutbox so I thought we'd bring it here in case anyone else is interested in the ultimate reality program.

    It seems like there is at least one each day, so keep an eye here for updates as soon as one starts.

    If you see one, please post the channel and any other relevant info like location or suspected crime.

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    Stupid Criminal Watch 2015!

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    Thanks Rink Dawg!!!
    Support Be the Match through Tanner's site

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    I love pursuit chases. The one from a week or 2 ago, where the suped up off road/ armored trucks carrying SWAT guys was awesome.
    They are awesome, as long as no one gets hurt.

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    LOL PURSUIT!!!! fox 11

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    PIT Maneuver just applied in Pico Rivera. Pursuit continues, however.

    Trapped in a cul-de-sac. Standoff ensues.
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    "eating the evidence" LOL

    He will do more time for DUI than the actual pursuit

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    Need a beanbag and a dog to get him out

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