You pretty much nailed it. Too many skaters last night for my liking, not sure why it's so up and down. Maybe because the clinics are winding down and next week is the last one, people are trying to get some last-minute work in before they go away. Stick times seem to have dried up around most of the local rinks.

FWIW yes I believe the other goalie was less experienced, down at the other end the coaches were just flipping soft wrist shots at him, most of which he was letting through. Didn’t see any kind of advanced coaching.

The drills as you pointed out were kind of ugly. Not sure if this is the norm when you have a bunch of unfamiliar lower level players or what, sure seems like it. Most of the time it ends up with an errant pass.

I do feel like I’m getting better, just trying to work to the point where I don’t have to think about stuff, especially crossovers, transitions, skating backwards. Definitely getting anxious to start playing some real games. As always thanks for the props!