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Thread: Steven Wilson Streaming on Yahoo Tonight

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    Default Steven Wilson Streaming on Yahoo Tonight

    I saw him last night at the grove.....may have been the best concert I have ever seen. I couldnt help but listen and think "if this same music was created by Genesis, Yes, or Pink Floyd the critics would hail it as their finest work."

    Some Pics I took....nothing pro just shots from the phone mind you.
    Steven Wilson at the Grove Pics

    Anyhow, they will be streaming the show at the Wiltern live. If you can still get tickets by all mean do it. He had a 5.1 style sound system that was a treat for the ears and fully utilized. If you are a music fan that loves music because it takes you somewhere else...this will be right up your alley. They were some songs that almost had in me tears and others that bring out the human souls ability to reflect and bring up memories. All the musicians were brilliant and lest you think its some noodling hodge podge of progressive crap there is some real legit heavy, heavy style metal and other lighter more acoustic oriented tender gems. Throw in the attention to detail in the video projections and other elements that not too many other artists would give two farts about-youve got a fantastic show. Check it out.
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