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    Not bad for 7.99 all the toppings you want.
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    I haven't tried that place yet. There is a Pizza Rev and a Blaze pizza within two blocks of my house and there is a Pieology on its way. All three places are pretty much the same. So far I would rate Pizza Rev above Blaze.
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    I'd rate Blaze at the bottom of anything. even Domino's and Pizza Hut. very unimpressed.

    what about Papa Murphy's?
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    I tried Pieology and thought that it was good. I never tried Blaze, but it's worse than Dominos and Pizza Hut? What kind of Eldritch Abominations do they make there?
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    I think Blaze is not that bad. I like the sauce much better than Mod pizza.

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    I had Blaze one night. unimpressed. there used to be another pizza shop in Monrovia called Flamzz. they made good pizza, way better than Blaze, but closed doors barely a year after opening them, much to my disappointment.
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