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Thread: Android phone app solution sought

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    Default Android phone app solution sought

    I have a Zebra label maker that can create bar code labels.

    I have an Android smartphone.

    I want to create bar code labels that, when scanned with an Android smartphone, opens a datasheet on the smartphone that corresponds with an item that the bar code label will be attached to.
    The file will likely be a word.doc or adobe.pdf that I would load onto the smartphone.

    Simple enough, right?
    Is there an app for that?

    How can I do this?

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    I called Zebra and it's ridiculously easy using their software to generate a bar code label that links to datasheets online.

    A little trickier might be linking them to files on the smartphone, but I think I could figure it out if I need to.

    Use your smartphone's bar code scanner then boom, there's the data on your smartphone.

    This isn't a commercial for Zebra and I don't work for them, but their printers are cool.
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