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Thread: My metal bundle

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    Default My metal bundle

    If any LGK metalheads are interested, I seem to have stumbled into the music promotion business.

    I have a bundle running with eight of my legit favorite bands in the world-

    Completely shameless plug. It can be blind pre-ordered July 21 for only $1, after that it's $2. If anybody wants to be exposed to some of the bands that I'm passionate about and help a brother out, check it out.

    And I don't make any money at this - I'm actually losing money as I paid out of my own pocket to assemble and ship all the prize packs. This was a labor of love.

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    I am going to be gone for a little while (actually going to see a good amount of metal where I am going), but I might check that out when I return. I took a quick look but I am not exactly sure what it is about. Is it a song from each band?



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