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Thread: The Holes in your Movie resume...

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    Default The Holes in your Movie resume...

    At SDCC 2015 had a new 'discussion' with SmytheKing when he admitted he never saw RHPS.

    What is the movie or (are the) Movies you have not seen, that almost invalidate you as a movie watcher. I have never done the group experience Rocky Horror, but found it strange that someone had NEVER seen it.

    Ok, I'll start, after throwing a dear friend under the bus...

    Have never seen from start to finish. Seen bits, know the bullet points, almost feel as if seeing it would be a disappointment at this stage.

    Now you go lady...

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    Seriously though i have serious horror movie holes.
    The thing
    I married an axe murderer
    I think i need my kids to grow up so i can netflix binge for a few years

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    see, it feels good to let it out...

    this is a safe place.

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    Actually the dvd still in cellophane im most ashamed of is "its a wonderful life"

    I am terrified of this movie, it practicallyplays on a loop during the holidays meaning everyone has seen it, so i cant actually watch it. All i know about it is theres a scrooge and a really grateful cratchet.

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    You so captured the essence of this. Revered flick...that you dare not watch for fear. I will add another...

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    Absolutely watch strangelove with other virgins or someone you realy trust. Its a fantastic movie that can totally be ruined. Basically think about when hbo aired airplane as filler all ****ing day between their new releases and the making of shorts, they would have done this with that movie. As a result everyone who has seen it, probably has seen it waaay to many ****ing times. Lines are quoted due to roadhouse on tbs frequency which hurts

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    I have yet to go through more than 30 minutes of Gone With the Wind without falling asleep...

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    Bah! I can deal with you not watching The Exorcist. Haha. I even watched that movie dubbed in Spanish when I visited Latin America.

    But never seen Dr Strangelove?

    That's just wrong.

    But since we're playing.

    I've never seen Avatar. The James Cameron movie. :P

    AFI did a 100 best movies sometime ago and I've seen every movie on that list except one. A Marx brothers movie. I didn't want to be that guy who had never seen "insert a famous movie here."

    I've never seen Birth of a Nation. I am a silent film geek, but that movie is really racist, so I've hesitated.
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    I've never seen Birth of a Nation, either. Possibly never will.

    I've also never seen all of Gone with the Wind, despite owning it.

    However, since those have both been mentioned, I'll add I've also never seen any Satyajit Ray movie, despite owning several.

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    Seven Samurai
    Gone with the Wind

    Probably a bunch more. I'll have to get back to you.



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